Spiritual Companionship

Are you looking for a way to go deeper and listen to your soul with the gentle support and guidance of a person trained to help you find your own answers? As a spiritual companion, it is my goal to hold sacred space in non-judgment and genuine curiosity, and to ask the appropriate open and non-leading questions to support and guide you in your own unique spiritual journey.

The core belief of spiritual companionship is that we are all whole and do not need to be fixed. We simply need to feel held in Divine love in order to grow into our wholeness.

Spiritual Companionship is not limited to one faith tradition, but rather is open to using all paths to the Divine — including art, music, *dreamwork, inner child work, nature, somatic/body work, movement, meditation and other spiritual practices from all faith traditions — as a source of healing and self-discovery. This approach also emphasizes my role as companion not director. You are the one leading the way. The companion is there to hold space, offer support, reflect and inquire, and only offer guidance when it is clear that is what you are seeking and that the advice is being offered without attachment and in your best interest.

*What is dreamwork?

Dreamwork is not the interpretation of dreams, but rather the practice of re-entering the dream so that the message/s of the dream become clear. The underlying assumption of the type of dreamwork Rabbi Haviva practices, which is based on Gestalt and Jungian therapy, is that the dream belongs to the dreamer, and therefore only they can understand the dream’s message/s. In our dreams, feelings come to the surface that we might not allow to do so in our waking lives including anxieties and fears — and these feelings deserve attention. But our dreams also contain other voices that carry buried wisdom. In Dreamwork, we let all of these voices speak by embodying the dream elements. Through working the dream, we hear the soul’s message to the dreamer. Or, the dreamer’s message (buried in the unconscious) to themself. As Rabbi Hisda in the Talmud says: “A dream unexamined is like a letter unread.”

A rabbi, spiritual journey memoirist, interfaith minister, inter-spiritual companion with training in dreamwork, inner child work, nature work, couple work, trauma integration (collective and individual), years of experience in water immersion rituals and access to a mikveh (ritual bath), I am in a unique position to offer the following services (all of which can be done online except the water immersion rituals):

Spiritual Companionship
Trained as a general spiritual companion and a rabbi and interfaith minister, with specialty training in dream work, nature work and inner child work, I am open to following wherever your soul leads us.
(Once, twice, or four times per month in person or via video call).

Spiritual Companionship + Mikveh Immersion
Includes a spiritual companionship session to prepare for the mikveh immersion experience, and can also include helping to create a ceremony for the immersion based on the session.

Preparation for and Accompaniment at Life Cycle and Transition Mikveh Immersion Ritual Ceremonies

Couple Counseling

  • For engaged couples to help prepare for their wedding and marriage
  • For couples considering a life-time commitment
  • For couples who are already in a life-time commitment


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